SpiceRidge Kennels
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Puppies Photo Archive!  All of our puppies from this Golden litter, born 7/8/2012, have gone to their forever homes.
But click on the "Our New Puppies!" tab to see our most recent litter.
Enjoy the photos of cute puppies!

Our three little troopers getting used to the great outdoors. We expose our puppies to a variety of safe environments to aid in their socialization process.

Puppies receive a weekly (and “as needed”) gentle bath to keep them clean and healthy, and familiarize them with the bathing process. We make the time upbeat, brief, and non-stressful. 

a happy young lady and her SpiceRidge puppy from Tibbie’s “FIRST” litter.

Five weeks old, getting a tummy rub.

Five weeks old, with enormous feet.

Five weeks old, guarding the ball.

The puppies when younger:


We call this video, "The Milk Meter"

First Day of Life                            Such little miracles!


Puppies Hard at Work Doing What Puppies Do            Heart-shaped Love                

Proud Momma and her pretty pups.

Happiness is a warm plump puppy.


Our Pups Today! 

These are the three pups from the 7/12 litter all grown up, (from left) Bear, Lassie, and Beauchamp.
At 2-and-a-half-years old they are healthy, gentle, solid, sweet dogs.


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